Holley EFI 8 Channel EGT Kit

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 08/08/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

The difference between first place and second place can be milliseconds, so every bit of horsepower counts when the money and your reputation is on the line.

Knowing the exhaust gas temperatures of each cylinder in your engine may not only help you find potential horsepower that you’ve left on the table, it can also help you pinpoint weak links your engine may have. Holley’s 8 cylinder EGT kit can give you that extra edge you need, to put you and your engine on top!  

EGT’s measure heat energy that’s wasted during the combustion process, making them an excellent tuning aid. Peak exhaust temperatures occur when the air /fuel mixture reaches the ideal stoichiometric ratio for the particular fuel that you’re using. Holley’s 8 probe EGT kit lets you monitor each cylinder individually, allowing you to squeeze every ounce of performance from your engine. Our EGT kit comes with an 8 channel controller that’s designed to be used with either Holley EFI via CAN or with universal applications that use analog 0-5 volt outputs. Also included is the harness with male and female CAN connectors , 8 extreme pressure stainless steel EGT probes , 8 stainless steel weld-in style bungs that feature a convenient step to aid in the installation.

A lean air/fuel mixture can cause your EGTs to decrease simply because there is less fuel present, and causing the engine to produce less energy. Inversely a mixture that’s too rich can also cause the EGTs to decrease. This happens because the excess fuel in the cylinder absorbs some of the heat energy that’s produced during the combustion process. 

Ignition performance can also effect your exhaust gas temps. If your ignition timing is too far advanced, the air-fuel charge ignites too early, causing the EGTs to decrease. Retarding the timing causes the mixture to ignite too late, and can increase the exhaust gas temperatures. A fouled spark plug or the failure of your magneto or distributor can also cause a drastic change in EGT temperatures.

Monitoring your engine’s EGTs is not only a great tuning aid, it’s also a good way to detect burnt exhaust valves and abnormal combustion events, like pre-ignition and detonation. It can even help you identify issues like a stuck fuel injector.

The Holley EGT module uses CANbus technology for a simple plug and play installation when used with Holley’s Dominator and HP ECUs. But, we’ve also included 8 analog output wires so it can be used with non-Holley EFI applications as well. Led indicators found right on the module let you know that all your EGT probes are installed and working properly. 

So if you’re looking to extract every once of power out of your Max-effort engine or you’re just a data junkie and want to monitor every parameter possible. Installing Holley’s 8 channel EGT kit can be just the ticket to turning that good tune into a great tune!

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