Holley EFI Propels Hot Rod Drag Week Contestants to Impressive Finishes

By: Alex Healey | 09/25/2014 < Back to Motor Life Home
Hot Rod Drag Week is the ultimate test of not just how fast a car is, but how reliable and consistent it is as well. Contestants must cover over 1,000 miles while making passes at five different drag strips along the way. It's one thing to have a fast car, but an entirely different thing to be able to drive that car from track to track over the course of a week while traversing one third of America's width. Holley's EFI systems allowed many competitors to do just that. Eddie Miller was able to bring home the win in the Pro Street Naturally Aspirated class. The infamous purple 1973 Duster didn't face a legitimate challenger, as its average was over 1.5 seconds faster than the second place finisher. Miller's 14.2:1 compression ratio 596 cubic inch big block Mopar is controlled by a Holley Dominator EFI system. The Miller-built powerplant ingests air through two 90 mm GM drive by wire throttle bodies, and cranks out 1150 horsepower on pump gas. Eddie averaged 9.305 @ 144.996 mph over the course of the week.  photo EddieMiller_zpsc14caf4a.jpg Jarrett Faggart claimed the first place hardware in the Street Race Small Block Power Adder class in his 1972 Chevy Nova. This car features a stock LQ4 short block with heads that were mildly ported by Jarrett, along with a cam and torque converter spec'd by himself as well. A Holley HP EFI system controls everything under the hood including boost, which is supplied by a single 76mm turbo. This stock suspension car averaged 8.68 @ 162.566 on Drag Week, and even clicked off a blazing 8.22 @ 164.65 afterwards when Faggart could run the car to its full potential. Not too shabby for a stock 6.0 with a stock truck intake.  photo JarrettFaggart_zps01866fd2.jpg Shane McClelland brought his "Crusty Nova" out again this year. The proven combo won the Saturday Heads-Up race and placed third in Super Street Power Adder. The Gen-3 6.0 with L92 heads is controlled by Holley Dominator EFI. Twin 62 mm turbos are responsible for pressurizing the intake, pushing the car to an average of 8.75 @ 157.11 mph for Drag Week.  photo ShaneMcclelland_zps947338f6.jpg Other notable finishers utilizing a Holley EFI system included Clark Rosenstengel (Modified Power Adder, 2nd), Frank Saponaro (Super Street Power Adder, 4th), TJ Johnson (Street Race Small Block Naturally Aspirated, 4th), Kevin Studaker (Street Race Small Block Naturally Aspirated, 5th), Alex Taylor (Street Race Small Block Power Adder, 7th), Nick Plewniak (Unlimited, 7th), Dave Schroeder (Fastest Nitrous Pass in Unlimited Class history), and Tom Bailey, who held the lead in Unlimited until engine issues ended his title defense.  photo ClarkRosentengel_zps46603009.jpg  photo FrankSaponaro_zps9aaf8129.jpg  photo TJJohnson_zps60c44d2f.jpg  photo KevinStudaker_zps730fdd3b.jpg  photo AlexTaylor_zps97a66a41.jpg  photo NickPlewniakWTF_zps4caa05ff.jpg  photo DaveSchroeder_zpsa20d72aa.jpg  photo TomBailey_zps2928ff91.jpg
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