Holley EFI Racers Come Out Swinging At Lights Out 13

10 min read

Holley EFI Racers Come Out Swinging At Lights Out 13

10 min read

It’s not often that drag racing contests one of the biggest races of the year right out of the gate, but this year that is exactly what has happened.

Lights Out 13 has just wrapped up and it was, as usual, a stellar event. Held annually at South Georgia Motorsports Park and hosted by Donald Long and DuckX Productions, it brings the best of the best from the radial tire world together in a festival of power, speed, and knowledge.

Lights Out 13 Steinke Crowd

Fans packed the stands for a chance to watch all of the action up close at South Georgia Motorsports Park during Lights Out 13.

Holley was grateful to have an entire host of clients at the event and competing in numerous different classes. In classes that ranged from Radial versus The World to No Time Trucks Holley was there to be a part of it and so were our great racers!

In Radial vs. The World it was Greg Schmidt from the great white north of Minnesota with his Camaro. Greg was on a quest to snag that three second time slip, a personal goal he has had for some time now. While he came up just short of that goal, he did in fact reset his personal best three separate times over the weekend. All that while attempting to get a pilot’s license too, as the Camaro insisted on taking flight. For a full write-up on Greg's Camaro, click HERE.

Lights Out 13 Steinke Schmidt Camaro

Radial vs. The World competitor Greg Schmidt sets out on a mission to capture that elusive 3-second time slip. In the process, he reset his personal best three times over the weekend.

Things were a little different for X275 vet Rebecca Stuart from Texas. Rebecca is the quickest woman in the history of the class and took home victory in the X275 second chance race that was contested. The constant improvements in her program continue to make Rebecca a force in the X275 division.

Lights Out 13 Steinke Stuart Mustang

Rebecca Stuart pictured with her parents, husband, and Donald & Stephanie Long celebrating her victory in the X275 Second Chance race. Rebecca is the quickest woman in the history of X275.

Limited 235 might be one of the toughest classes in drag racing. Imagine trying to put down huge amounts of horsepower to a tire that is smaller than the one a Toyota Corolla leaves the factory with. Very few people have done it better than Jason Riley, and his streak of winning performances continued over the weekend, as his Fox-body Mustang found its way to the Winners Circle on Sunday afternoon.

Lights Out 13 Steinke Riley Mustang

Jason Riley & Crew celebrate his Limited 235 win at Lights Out 13. Jason’s picks up in 2022 where he left off in 2021, and that’s as a champion. Jason is also the 2021 RTRA Limited 235 World Champion.

Limited Drag Radial might be a newer class to some, but undoubtedly the rules are spot on and the times these drivers are running…well, they are nothing short of astounding. LDR is a class that is within about a tenth of a second of each other. Qualifying had 16 cars at one point all in the 4.0x range. It was the McCain family that laid down the law and broke the LDR World Record with a staggering 3.914. They carried that performance all the way to the final round and a runner-up finish.

Lights Out 13 Steinke McCain S197

DJ McCain blasting down the drag strip with the candles lit in Limited Drag Radial. DJ not only reset the World Record at Lights Out, but he also went on to capture a runner-up finish in the class. DJ clicked off a 3.914 in the process of resetting the World Record.

Some of you know Lyle Barnett from his days in a class called Leaf Spring. Some of you may know him from being an NHRA Pro Mod National Event Champion, and some may know him from his time running with the No Time groups. This weekend Lyle was behind the wheel of one of the coolest looking trucks at the track. He was competing in No Time Pro Truck. Obviously, we don’t have the times that the truck ran, but based on the competition he faced all weekend, it was the cream of the crop. His driving and the trucks performance led to a final round victory and a trip to the Winners Circle.

Lights Out 13 Steinke Barnett Chevrolet

Lyle Barnett has made a name for himself in drag racing. Whether he is wheeling a leaf spring car, and NHRA Pro Mod, a No Prep Mustang, or this beautiful No Time Pro Truck that he landed in the Winners Circle at South Georgia Motorsports Park.

Overall, it was an extraordinarily great weekend for Holley and our wonderful family of drivers. We look forward to carrying on these performances and building off them throughout the entire racing season!


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