Holley EFI: Version 6 Software Now Available!

10 min read

Holley EFI: Version 6 Software Now Available!

10 min read

Version 6 of Holley EFI's popular tuning suite has officially been released and with this revision comes a slew of race-focused updates. With a completely new Individual Configuration File (ICF) for drag racing transmission control, as well as a revised nitrous ICF, this update promises to be the best software yet! Oh, and did we mention it's FREE?!

Read on to learn more about these new features.

To get your copy of Holley EFI V6, click HERE!

To see the complete list of revisions (including explanations), click HERE!

Drag Racing Transmission Control

Users will now find a new dropdown in the Transmission ICF labeled "Racing". This includes a variety of control options as well as the ability to handle both Libery and Lenco transmissions.

With the new Version 6 update, users will find a new dropdown in the transmission ICF labeled "Racing". This allows users to create outputs for up to eight speeds including solenoid control for popular Liberty and Lenco transmissions (it also works with automatics such as the TH-400 or powerglide). A new power management table for gear changes means racers can now soften up their hits when running on tricky surfaces. For two-wheeled customers, motorcycles can now have an ignition cut during gear changes.

Two new spool valve control tables are now available for use when the both the transbrake and minimum TPS % is active. Perfect for turbo cars needing to build boost in a pinch!

Dump valves have now been integrated and give racers the ability to set up four independent outputs as well as PWM or pulse operated tables for various solenoid frequencies.

Racers have been quickly adopting lockup ocnverters and their various advantages, that's why Holley EFI engineers have created four individual outputs, and add the ability to lock/unlock from virtually any sensor reading (ie. Engine RPM or Driveshaft speed) and included a minimum gear safety setting.

Existing EFI installations can be updated and converted to V6 to take advantage of this and other great new features as well.

More information regarding the Transmission ICF changes can be found HERE.

Nitrous Revisions

A new "Tuning Summary" menu inside of the Nitrous ICF simplifies setting up your multi-stage nitrous kit.

The nitrous area has a new “Stage Summary” that combines all of your nitrous stages into one screen! All stages can be viewed and edited, including individual stages (a change on either is reflected in both). For professional tuners, an "added fuel" area lets you calculate the amount of fuel included in your dry nitrous tuneup. For wet systems, you can now record which fuel and nitrous jet was included on your run. NOTE: jet data is an aid to record values and does nothing to adjust the tuneup.

More summary tables including total fuel added across multiple stages and overall timing retards make it easy to identify who, what, where, and how your nitrous, fuel, and spark are getting delivered!

More information regarding the Nitrous ICF changes can be found HERE.

Advanced ICF Update

The Advanced ICF tables now include offsets for the Main, #1, and #2 rev limiters.

There are three new additions to the “Table Type” drop-downs including Rev Limiter Main Offset, Rev Limiter #1 Offset, and Rev Limiter #2 Offset.

All three rev limiters can be increased/decreased using Advanced ICF tables, generally used for increasing RPM for boost building (transbrake or from a roll). Users can also use this option as a safety for sensor values (ie. low oil pressure, etc.).

More information regarding the Advanced ICF changes can be found HERE.


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