Holley Factory EFI Training Schedule for 2019

By: Tom Kise | 10/31/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

Holley's popular factory training courses are back in 2019 to provide a unique opportunity to get advanced training and technical experience with Holley EFI. One and two-day courses are being presented in a comfortable environment surrounded by an American icon of performance at the National Corvette Museum near Holley's company headquarters in Bowling Green, Kentucky and provide technical training for dealers, racers, and any other user of their popular EFI systems

Holley's EFI courses provide three levels of EFI training. The first is tier one. At the end of this class, participants will have the tools they need to successfully complete a conventional "canned" Holley EFI installation. Class space is currently limited to 15-20 people per session. The goal of the limited space is to allow the instructor the ability to work with each participant one-on-one as much as possible. This class is ideal for those who are new to EFI in general, as well as those who are new to Holley's EFI systems. This is a one-day class with a cost of $199.00 that will run from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. A Tour of Holleys manufacturing facility will also be offered to Tier one class participants the day prior to class date. The following topics will be covered in the class:

  • System features
  • Wiring
  • Instructions
  • Software loading and navigation
  • Using the data monitor
  • File management
  • General engine and ignition parameters
  • Closed loop and learn
  • Timing tables
  • Idle parameters,
  • pin mapping, and basic Input/Output configuration
  • Tuning principles
  • Acceleration enrichment tuning
  • And more

The tier two class will expand on what was learned in the Tier one class to include advanced tuning and set up principles. The tier two course also runs from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but it is a two-day course with a cost of $299.00. Class size is again limited to 15-20 people per session. Prior completion of the Tier One class is required. The following topics will be covered in this course:

  • System features
  • Advanced Wiring
  • File management including, setting directory paths, creating a custom GCF and exporting GCF files to the ICF Library
  • Advanced engine parameters
  • Multiple Injector set strategies and injector phasing
  • Custom ignition configurations
  • Cam/Crank sensor phasing
  • Closed loop and learn
  • Timing tables and programmable timing retards
  • Idle parameters, including advanced idle troubleshooting and tuning
  • Datalog use
  • System logs and other diagnostic tools
  • Tuning principles
  • Load scale, pro's and cons to Speed density, VE, alpha-N and Combo strategies
  • Acceleration enrichment tuning
  • Start up fueling
  • Cold start and cold idle tuning
  • Drive by wire
  • GM / Ford transmission control
  • Custom inputs/outputs
  • Rescaling fuel maps for boosted applications and increases resolution
  • Sensor scaling and warnings
  • Hot key navigation
  • And more

The tier three class will take all of the previously covered information and apply is to more complicated engine combinations that utilize turbochargers, nitrous oxide, active speed management , Advanced one and two axis control tables and water/methanol injection. Like the tier two course, this course is limited to 15-20 people per session, it runs from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and will be a two-day class with a cost of $299.00. Prior completion of the Tier two class is required. The following topics will be covered in this course:

  • Single and dual port Boost Control
  • Hands On PID Based controller Training
  • Boost based on Time,RPM,Gear, speed, Manual Boost and Advanced boost offset table strategies
  • Boost Safeties
  • Boost Builders
  • Progressive and Non Progressive wet and Dry Nitrous controls
  • Pedaling control strategies
  • Water / Methanol controls
  • Duty cycle based W/M tables
  • Fuel Flow based W/M control tables
  • Active speed management
  • Advanced ICF 1 and 2 axis Tables
  • And more

"Holley factory training is a fantastic way to get unique one-on-one time with our engineers and lead techs," says Bill Tichenor, Holley’s Director of Marketing. "The knowledge gained from these courses helps improve sales for our dealers and gives users specialized instruction to improve their general EFI understanding, as well as the tuning capabilities of Holley's EFI systems."

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For additional information on the courses, you can e-mail or call Tom Kise, Holley's Technical Training Manager at (270) 780-1871.

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