Holley Performance Terminator EFI

By: Bill Tichenor07/30/2013 < Back to Blog Home
Holley Performance Products is proud to introduce the new Terminator™ line of carburetor replacement fuel injection. Terminator EFI is designed to help enthusiasts easily change from a carburetor to EFI. The Terminator throttle body delivers fuel through an annular discharge ring for excellent fuel atomization and no restriction to air flow. The air-entry area is functioned after Holley’s throttle body that powers every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series™ team and the ECU delivers fast and accurate self-tuning while you drive. No computer is needed. Users simply answer a few basic questions on the included hand-held tuner and then start driving. The 950-cfm square-flange throttle body comes with 80 lb/hr fuel injectors which can handle engines from 250 to 600hp. Terminator throttle body systems are available in a tumble polished aluminum finish or Holley’s popular hard coat anodized Hard Core Gray™. The systems come with pre-wired throttle body, main wiring harness, hand-held tuner, ECU, and necessary sensors. Fuel system kits are available separately and come complete with fuel pump, filters, regulator, and fittings.
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