Holley Releases Gen 3 Marine Ultra Dominator Carburetor

By: Todd Veney | 12/29/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
Holley 1050 Gen 3 Marine Ultra Dominator Carburetors combine everything that's made Holley racing carburetors the undisputed leader for decades with great new features developed specifically for high-horsepower marine applications. The main body is 5/16-inch taller than previous generations, which creates larger-radius air entries and better flow. Optimized by computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, they deliver the air/fuel charge into fully machined, big-bore venturis. An integrated idle-bypass valve allows for idle adjustments while maintaining the correct throttle-plate/transfer-slot relationship, and an extended air cleaner flange makes for easy air-scoop attachment with the available air-scoop adapter. All-aluminum and 28% lighter than previous iterations, Gen 3 Marine Ultra Dominators feature a hard-coat anodized finish on the throttle body and fuel bowls and a bright-dip finish on the metering blocks, throttle plates, and booster inserts. Dual 50cc accelerator pumps provide the exact right amount of fuel from idle all the way to full throttle, and the high-capacity fuel bowls provide 20% more fuel capacity and control sloshing with internal baffling. The patent-pending Gen 3 Marine Ultra Dominator's fully adjustable stainless steel external linkage can be adjusted for 1:1 progressive or a soft, progressive throttle action. J-Style vent tubes prevent fuel spills, knurled primary and secondary curb-idle screws make for easy adjustment with just your fingers, and mounting points for a factory-style TPS sensor make data acquisition easier than ever. Every calibration has been dyno-tested to deliver proven performance, and, as with all Holley carburetors, each one is wet-flow tested before it ever goes out the door.

See detailed product information for Holley Gen 3 Marine Ultra Dominator Carburetors.

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