Holley Releases Low Mount Accessory Drive Kits

By: Todd Veney | 10/17/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
Holley’s all-new Low Mount Accessory Drive Kits are a fast, easy way to mount the belt-driven accessories on your GM LS engine, tucking the accessories tighter to the block and mounting them lower for a more attractive, compact installation. Ideal for LS swaps, they're great when space is tight in your engine bay and perfect for street rods that need a more compact setup. Driver-side accessory kits are designed to fit GM LS engines utilizing the middle or long accessory spacing. A spacing kit (part number 21-4) is required in order to use this kit with a long crank pulley setup. No spacer is required when used on an engine with the middle belt spacing. Engines with short accessory spacing, such as what's used on Corvette/CTS/G8 are fully compatible with this kit – just swap out the water pump and crank pulley to convert it to the middle- or long spacing setup. Complete low mount accessory kits are available for installations with or without air conditioning. They come with aluminum brackets; alternator, power steering pump, and belt tensioner pulleys; and all the mounting hardware for a hassle-free installation. Kits for air conditioning include a new SD7 A/C compressor. These kits are an alternative to the large factory compressors and offer considerably more chassis clearance yet still work with OEM accessory drives or Holley’s driver-side alternatives. They're a perfect fit for all belt alignments and require no additional spacers. For custom installations, you can also purchase the brackets and accessory components individually.

See detailed product information for Holley Passenger Side A/C Bracket.

See detailed product information for Holley Driver Side Power Steering/Alternator Brackets.

See detailed product information for the complete Low Mount Accessory Drive system here.

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