Hooker Headers Builder Series Components

By: Bill Tichenor | 02/24/2014 < Back to Motor Life Home
Hooker Headers New Builder Series is designed to help header fabricators build their own custom exhaust systems. For GM LS engines, Hooker offers both 3/8” mild steel and investment cast stainless steel warp-resistant flanges. Proprietary 304 stainless steel merge collector with Hooker’s revolutionary internal attenuation spear is perfect for not only LS engine builders but a wide range of engine applications. Other key components include Hooker’s innovative 304 stainless steel stamped X-crossover assembles for both 2.5” and 3” tubing styles that provide easy fitment and X-crossover performance into any system with a limited amount of system modification. As an added benefit, these stamped crossovers permit multiple inlet/outlet leg routing to be fabricated (parallel, splayed or hybrid) without having to modify the stamping. To aid in the fitment of hand-built systems, fabricators will appreciate the ½” diameter 304 rust resistant stainless steel, barbed hanger rods in two and 10 packs, compatible ½” rubber isolators and 2.5” and 3” stainless steel band clamps to ensure a tight, leak-free seal. Features: Builder Series Kits feature hard to find, high tech parts for custom header builders. Warp-resistant LS engine flanges are 3/8” thick and offered in both mild steel and investment cast 304 stainless steel Merge collector “base” kit includes 1/34” x 3” formed high performance merge collector, slip-connector, and clamp Merge collector “deluxe” kit includes all of the above plus an investment cast state of the art attenuation spear for enhanced exhaust exit velocity and O2 bung 2.5” and 3” stamped 304 stainless steel stamped cross over tube providing multiple inlet/outlet leg routing ½” 304 stainless steel barbed hanger rods available in 2 and 10-packs 2.5” and 3” stainless steel band clamps each available in 2 and 10-packs For more information contact our Tech Line at (270) 781-9741 or go online to
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