How To Choose: NOS Black Powershot, Super Powershot & Big Shot Nitrous Systems

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 02/28/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

If you’re looking to increase your engine's horsepower, there’s no better way than with a Powershot, Super Powershot, or a Big Shot nitrous kit from Nitrous Oxide Systems! With kits offering performance gains from 100hp to as much as 300hp who could argue?

Black is the new chrome!! Over the years NOS has offered nitrous bottles in our classic NOS blue, spun aluminum, orange, polished aluminum, even carbon fiber, and now you can get yours in Black. Yes, black is back and NOS has complete kits with not only a black bottle you’ll also get black top solenoids along with black fittings and hose ends, and a black nitrous plate. It all starts with our Power shot line of wet nitrous systems, they’re designed to fit intake manifolds and are compatible with Holley 4150 and late model Carter AFB bolt patterns. NOS also offers kits in the 4500 pattern for use with race carburetors like the Holley Dominator and Quick Fuel’s FX series carbs. Power shot single stage systems provide fixed jetting for power gains up to 125 hp. Kits provide everything needed including a 1/2 inch aluminum injector plate, -4AN feed line, our new black or classic blue 10 lb. aluminum bottle, nitrous and fuel solenoids, mounting hardware, as well as detailed instructions to complete the installation.

We also offer our basic kits, part numbers 05000NOS and 050000BNOS, they eliminate the injector plate, and are perfect for those of you planning to do a custom installation. Our Super Powershot Nitrous Systems are perfect for V8 engines running a Holley 4150 or Carter AFB late model carb. They can also be used with our 4150 throttle body adapters (p#17-93 and 17-94). Super Powershot kits allow you the versatility to fine tune your nitrous system, and include jetting for power gains of 100, 125, even 150 hp. Our Super Powershot kits are now available in Black as well as classic NOS blue and include the 1/2 inch aluminum injector plate, -4AN feed line, a 10 lb. aluminum bottle, nitrous and fuel solenoids, necessary mounting hardware, as well as detailed instructions.

If only the biggest and best will do, then the Big Shot wet nitrous system is just for you! Big Shot systems are fully adjustable from 190 to a massive 300 horsepower increase with a little help from our specially designed fogging plate. The NOS plate design vastly improves nitrous flow, fuel atomization and overall mixture distribution. Big Shot plates house a unique spray bar that’s equipped with tiny orifices, precisely located to dispense a powerful nitrous and gasoline mixture, giving you unbelievable horsepower gains. Power output is easily adjusted from 190-300 horsepower by simply changing out the included fuel and nitrous jets. Big Shot systems are designed for use on engines that have been extensively modified and are intended primarily for competition use. Extremely High cylinder pressures can be generated with the use of these kits, greatly increases the load on internal engine components. Our single stage wet system includes everything needed including a 1/2 inch aluminum fogging plate, -6AN feed line, your choice of black or blue 10 lb bottle, nitrous and fuel solenoids, hardware kit, and instructions for your installation.

To supply the proper amount of fuel to the carburetor and nitrous system, Powershot and Super Powershot systems will require a fuel pump designed to operate between 4 1/2 to 7 psi. With Big shot systems you must use a pump designed to operate between 5 and 10 psi. Fuel pumps for all 3 systems need to have a flow rate of at least a tenth of a gallon per horsepower per hour at 6 psi. 

For more information on our Powershot, Super Powershot, or Big Shot wet nitrous systems visit our website at NOS

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