How To Clean A Holley iNTECH Air Cleaner

By: Ray Frescas | 11/09/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

Holleys iNTECH cold air intakes not only increase horsepower and torque, but the large, high flow air filters are washable and reusable. When dirt collects on your filter element performance is diminished, this is the time to clean the air filter element. Holley's iTECH Washable Air Filter Cleaner part #223-00 restores the performance of your filters element and brings it back to like new condition. It is specially formulated to clean dirt and grime from iNTECH synthetic air filters. It comes in a convenient 32 oz. spray bottle for multiple cleanings. We recommend you inspect your filter element every 6 months or more if your drive in dry, dusty conditions.


Cleaning your air filter element is easy. 

1. Remove the air filter from the housing and intake tube. Gently shake and tap the filter to remove all the excess debris and dirt particles.

2. Spary a generous amount of cleaner directly onto each side of the air filter, applying more to heavily soiled areas. 

3. Allow the cleaner to soak for ten minutes, do not allow to dry.

4. Always use cool to warm temperature water, hot water is not recommended, rinse the filter from the cleans side through to the dirty side. Light water pressure is suggested, and repeating steps 2 and 3 may be necessary until the water flowing through the media is clear from all dirt present.


5. Once rinsed, shake excess water from the air filter and allow to air dry. You may use compressed air to speed this process, holding the nozzle 12 inches from the filter surface. 


Remember iNTECH Air Filters do not use oil. Simply let the air filter air dry and reinstall. Reinstall by reversing the removal process.


Proper cleaning ensures proper airflow and performance from your iNTECH Air Filter. Make sure to use the right cleaner the next time you need to service your iNTECH Air Filter. Thanks for watching. To find out more about iNTECH Cold air intakes, visit

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