How To Lock Out A Distributor for Sniper EFI

By: Sniper EFI | 04/01/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Sniper EFI can control timing using most common magnetic pickup distributors currently available (ex. MSD). However, you may need to make several very simple changes to the distributor which are outlined in the following section. It is very important that you “lock out” the advance built in to the distributor and install an adjustable rotor. Not “locking out” the distributor and installing an adjustable rotor as outlined in these instructions can cause the engine to run poorly or even cause engine damage.

Not locking out the mechanical advance when using timing control would create false timing tables and potentially damage your engine. It's important to follow the steps below to prevent mechanical advance.

Mechanical Advance Lockout

1. Remove the rotor from the distributor.

2. Remove the advance components including the springs, weights, lock nut, and the advance stop bushing from the advance assembly.

3. Remove the roll-pin from the drive gear and then remove the gear from the housing shaft.

4. Slide the shaft up approximately two inches out of the housing.

5. Rotate the shaft 180 and insert the advance stop bushing pin into the small hole on the base followed by the lock nut.

6. Tighten the lock nut down. This has now “locked out” the mechanical advance.

7. Slide the drive gear back on to the shaft and line up the dowel holes. Drive in the dowel pin to complete reassembly of your distributor

NOTE: Some distributors include Vacuum Advance mechanisms, these will need to be removed in order for your Sniper EFI to effectively control ignition timing.

Vacuum Advance Lockout

1.Remove the two Allen head screws that hold the advance canister.

2. Remove the snap ring that holds the magnetic pickup assembly in place.

3. Gently lift up on the mag pickup plate and slide the vacuum canister out.

4. Install the Lockout Plate in place of the canister. Install the two retaining screws.

5. Install the supplied screw and washer through the Lockout and tighten.

6. It is important to make sure the pickup plate is parallel with the housing of the distributor. If it is cocked or slanted, the paddles of the reluctor may contact the pickup. Check the clearance by rotating the distributor shaft. If necessary, use the shims that were supplied with your distributor under the Lockout hold-down to correctly position the pickup plate.

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