How To Size, Select and Install HK Wheels

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How To Size, Select and Install HK Wheels

10 min read

Everybody loves classic muscle cars, and if you're fortunate enough to have one, chances are you've played a bit under the hood. Maybe your favorite Motown athlete has hit the gym with a bigger carburetor, a thumping cam, and a full-throated exhaust that makes you feel a little guilty when you fire it up early on Sunday morning.

Yeah, right.

So your sweet hunk of American muscle sounds and runs great, but what's it doing on those wheels? Our favorite muscle-bound Detroit iron rolled off their swingin' 60's assembly lines with hiked-up bias ply tires on railcar-thin steel wheels. By today's standards, they just don't look right. Did Charles Atlas skip leg day?

It's time your vintage bodybuilder did some more reps below the waist. This is where Holley's HyperKenetic wheels can help. They inject some tone into your muscle car's legs without going full-on 'roid rage. The classic HyperKenetic Magnum wheels make your ride better...not different. "Hey Chevy! You look good. Have you been working out?"

HyperKenetic Magnum wheels are 17" to give your car an updated look without looking out of place. You don't want to show up at the cruise spot wearing platform shoes and a track suit! To set off HK Magnum wheels from the other chumps at the drive-in, the lips are deep machined and the inserts are black powder coated for a timeless look that won't go out of fashion. Wish we could say the same for those bell bottoms...

The cool thing about the HyperKenetic (HK) Magnum wheels is that they look great on just about anything that burned rubber out of Detroit when sex was safe and air pollution meant bad music.

Chevy? Ford? Mopar or no car? Doesn't matter. HyperKenetic wheels is a flower child: they love all muscle cars equally. HK Magnum wheels are available in two popular bolt patterns: 5 x 4.5” (Ford, Mopar, AMC) and 5 x 4.75” (GM). Backspacing is appropriate for many 1960's and 1970’s muscle cars including Mopar A, B, E bodies, Ford Mustang, Fairlane, Ranchero, Torino, Mercury Cougar, Chevrolet Chevelle, and other GM A-bodies. Camaros and Firebirds also get love from HK Magnum wheels. Hey man, you drive an AMC Javelin? Far out! HK Magnum wheels don't judge...unless they're on a GTO.

HK Magnum wheels use stock-style 3/4” or 13/16” hex-head 60-degree conical-seat lug nuts, so you can leave those custom or shank style lug nuts in the tool box next to the bottle opener.

Love burnouts? HK Magnum wheels are cast in 6", 7" 8" and 9" widths so you're able to take advantage of the wide range of modern rubber options without burning down that rare set of meats. Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

And just because HK Magnum wheels add muscle doesn't mean they take muscle to install. The 2-1/8" center bore will accept most Ford and Mopar Magnum center caps. HK Magnum wheels include a chromed plastic cone style center cap with an HK wheels decal that complements the classic looks of the wheel. But, if you don't want the bitchin' HK Wheels logo on your center caps, they're cool with that. The HK decal is not installed so you can add your own custom decal. Or, the 2-1/8” center bore accepts most Ford, Mopar, Chevy Magnum 500 style centers when using our included custom retainer and screws.

HyperKenetic Magnum wheels are for every muscle car brand. Mopar or no car? Fix Or Repair Daily? Chevy sucks? We'll let you settle that argument at the next stoplight. Bring your pink slip.

To see how a set of HyperKenetic Magnum wheels beefed up the appearance of some classic Motown muscle, we installed a set on this a 1970 'Cuda.

Available in a popular range of widths, back spacings, and bolt patterns, there's a HyperKenetic Magnum wheel to fit just about every hunk of classic iron that rolled off a Detroit assembly line in the swingin' 60's and 70's. We chose the HK's 17" x 8" on a 4.5" backspacing (P/N MW1785450) up front and HK's 17" x 9" on a 5.0" backspacing (P/N MW1795450) out back for our 'Cuda install.

We began by jacking up the front end of the E-body and removing the factory wheel and tire combo.

Although it's a lot meatier than the factory setup (left), the HyperKinetic Magnum wheel (right) fits the factory 5 on 4.5" bolt pattern and brings a 17" tire to the party.

Deep dishes for everyone! These 8" and 9" wide wheels are ready to add some much-needed rubber under the wheel wells of this classic 'Cuda.

HyperKenetic Magnum wheels are lightweight cast aluminum and the 2-1/8" center bore will accept most Mopar Magnum center caps if that's your thing.

The HyperKenetic Magnum wheels use stock-style hex-head 60-degree conical seat lug nuts, so no custom or shank style lugs are required.

The lug holes of the HyperKenetic Magnum wheels are precision-machined and large enough to clear standard lug sockets.

We fit the HyperKenetic Magnum wheel to the front of the 'Cuda. We really liked the blackout appearance that contrasted with the machined and clear-coated spokes.

With the wheels over the wheel studs, we installed the lug nuts.

With the front left corner back on the ground, we torqued the lug nuts to 95 lb-ft.

Next, we installed the 9" -wide rear wheels.

Just like the front, we torqued the rear lug nuts to 95 lb-ft.

The HyperKenetic Magnum wheels really complimented the look of this 1970 'Cuda. The vibe is updated, but not overdone.


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