Hurst Roll Control

By: Flowmaster | 07/11/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home

Imagine staging for a pass down the strip without first heating up your tires. In the 1960’s, drag racers would simply line up their cars on hard compound slicks and run them. Due to low tire temperatures, traction would often be hard to maintain and E.T.s suffered. Racers soon began to realize that traction could be improved by stomping the gas and letting their tires loose prior to launch. Heat produced by the friction between spinning rubber and asphalt proved to be a valuable tool for improving track times. However, this method was not well controlled and racers would often, “Roll the Lights.” George Hurst recognized an opportunity and developed the Hurst Roll Control.

Hurst Roll Control, also known as , is a critical tool for any drag racer. Adaptable to pretty much any vehicle, Line/Loc provides drivers the ability to positively lock their front brakes while leaving the rear wheels free to move when the skinny pedal is depressed. This makes for more effective burnouts that will successfully heat up the tires while preventing racers from accidentally rolling the lights at the track.

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