Install: GM TH350 Transmission - B&M Hi-Tek Transmission Pan

By: B&M | 04/11/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

In this video you will see how easy it is to install a B&M Hi-Tek deep transmission pan on a GM TH350 transmission. The Hi-Tek line of deep transmission pans are constructed from A356 aluminum, feature cooling fins and the TH350 pan adds an additional 3 quarts of transmission fluid capacity. Heat is the #1 killer of auto transmissions, and all these features in our Hi-Tek trans pans help dissipate heat quicker than the factory stock steel pans.

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30280 B&M Deep Trans Pan

B&M Hi-Tek Deep Transmission pan for GM TH350 and TH250 automatic transmissions.

• Includes Fluid Pickup Extension

• No Dipstick Modification

• More Cooling Ability

• Additional Fluid Capacity

• Drain Plug for Easy Fluid Changes

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