LS Fest 2015 Drift Results

By: Alex Healey | 09/14/2015 < Back to Motor Life Home
Unlike virtually every other motorsport in existence, drifting isn't decided by who crosses the finish line first. The easiest comparison for me to draw is to call it the "Synchronized Swimming of Motorsports." Don't interpret that as an insult though, as these drivers are among the most gifted you'll see. The reflexes and otherworldly car control allow them to pull off maneuvers with levels of precision most of us can only dream of. More than anything, drifting is about putting on a show for the fans. Runs are scored subjectively on speed, angle, entry speed, smoke production, and general showmanship. After a few thrilling rounds of practice, qualifying took place and left a top-16 that looked like this: 1.) Joon Maeng 2.) Pat Goodin 3.) Josh McGuire 4.) Dirk Stratton 5.) Nate Hamilton 6.) Ricky Adams 7.) Rob Carlson 8.) Steve Topping 9.) Nick Thomas 10.) Devin Callahan 11.) Alex Heilbrunn 12.) Eric Loomis 13.) Bryan Broberg 14.) Rolando Alfaro 15.) Shane Whalley 16.) Hooman Rahimi Josh McGuire, Nick Thomas, Bryan Broberg, and Pat Goodin were able to navigate through the top-16 to set up their finals matches. Goodin, who had had a great showing the entire weekend fell victim of a mechanical failure when an AN line failed, spraying coolant on the track. The problem kept him from competing in the third place match, giving that honor to Bryan Broberg. That left Josh McGuire and Nick Thomas to battle for the event win. McGuire was able to emerge victorious, making him your 2015 LS Fest Drift Champion! Not only did he claim a trophy, but also a cool $1,500 to line his pockets with.
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