LS Fest Texas 2024: Autocross


LS Fest Texas 2024: Autocross


For enthusiasts seeking the ultimate test of their driving prowess and their vehicle's capabilities, the Holley LS Fest Texas Baer Brakes Autocross offers the perfect opportunity. Set against the backdrop of Texas Motor Speedway, this exhilarating event promises heart-pounding action and adrenaline-fueled excitement for participants and spectators alike.

Friday started with a bang, with warm weather and clear skies. Drivers hit the track early and plan to race throughout the weekend.

Autocross at LS Fest Texas isn’t just a race; it's a chance to put months of upgrades and hard work to the test. Designed to challenge competitors while providing maximum enjoyment, the meticulously crafted courses are tailor-made to push both driver and machine to their limits.

At LS Fest Texas, participants have the privilege of tackling not one, but two distinct autocross courses over the weekend. The first course is strategically positioned within a designated parking lot inside Texas Motor Speedway, offering a dynamic and challenging environment. Meanwhile, the second course utilizes the speedway's infield road course, providing drivers with a different set of challenges and opportunities to showcase their skills.

As participants navigate the twists and turns of the autocross courses, they'll be vying for more than just bragging rights. The top performers in each category will be rewarded handsomely with cash prizes, Optima Batteries, and coveted LS Fest Winner's Jackets up for grabs. Additionally, second and third place finishers will receive Holley Certificates to commemorate their achievement.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: LS-swapped D100 on a Custom Chassis

LS Fest has always been a celebration of crossbreeds – creative swaps that underscore the power and potential of GM’s beloved LS- and LT-powerplants. In that respect, this attention-getting patina laden ’67 Dodge D100 is right at home in the eight-ring circus that is LS Fest Texas.

On close inspection, the level of craftsmanship and racecar influence peel back like layers of an onion, revealing increasingly impressive details the more you look at it. Driven by Dustin Morrow of Scot Rods Garage in Fort Worth, Texas, this truck is a testament to the team's craftsmanship and ingenuity. It's a combination of purpose-built and leftover parts, from the custom chassis and suspension to the fuel system and barebone racecar interior.

Scot Rods Garage built and designed its own suspension, combining traditional styles with innovative engineering and common circle-track racecar parts. “Something a little better than what was just off the shelf,” said Dustin. “We figured out what we needed for the lower control arms, and that's really what's special about ours. The rest of the suspension we built to our spec, but it's similar to what any circle-track or dirt car may have.”

The billet lower control arms and spindles are accompanied by round-tube upper control arms. The rear suspension is a custom four-link with a Ford 9-inch rear end. The brakes are Wilwood, with a Corvette style in the front and Ford 9-inch in the rear.

The ride's vintage charm comes from a Dodge pickup body the shop had lying around. “It was sitting outside. We had two of them at the shop. This one was sitting out there, so we decided to use it.”

Under the hood is a 525hp LS3 engine, another part that’s a customer leftover. The Scot Rods crew added an HPR cam package and new heads. A Holley mid-mount accessory drive is up front, mounting an alternator, tensioner, and water pump. An MSD 6LS box handles ignition and retains the coil-near-plug setup. The final combination is similar to what you'd find under the hood of a circle track or truck-series racecar. The power steering is electric, swiped from a Mazda.

Dustin’s hauler is designed to be versatile, capable of excelling in various disciplines. From autocross to road racing and maybe some drifting, this Dodge truck is a true all-rounder. LS Fest Texas 2024 is only the truck’s second event, but rest assured, its owner has more planned for the future.

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