LS Fest Texas 2024: Drag Racing


LS Fest Texas 2024: Drag Racing


Let's go racing! Friday kicks off with the hot Texas sun and clear skies. We're racing inside the famous Texas Motor Speedway, with drag racing held on pit road. Promising a high-octane showdown of raw power and speed, featuring the quickest cars powered by LS and current-generation LT engines.

LS Fest Texas is the premier event for enthusiasts of LS- and LT-powered vehicles, offering a diverse range of activities and competitions to showcase the performance and versatility of these legendary engines. At the heart of the event is the drag racing competition, where drivers from across the country come together to push their machines to the limit on the 1/8th-mile no-prep surface.

The drag racing competition at LS Fest Texas operates on a no-prep surface, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement for both drivers and spectators. No-prep has emerged in popularity in recent years, adding a new layer of excitement and competition. For the uninitiated, no-prep means what you think it means -- the drag race surface is not prepped like a competition or dedicated drag strip surface. Instead, drivers experience mostly fresh concrete, which means traction is harder to find and manage, from the launch to the finish line.

With instant-start lights and a win-light finish, it's a pure test of skill, speed, and strategy. Also, LS Fest Texas No-Prep drag races aren't timed, so it’s an old-school, run-as-you-are heads-up race. The winner is whoever crosses the finish line first. If you're a fan of fast cars and adrenaline-pumping action, LS Fest Texas is the place to be. Here's why you won't want to miss out:

Quickest Cars in Texas: LS Fest Texas brings together the fastest LS- and LT-powered cars in the state, ensuring that every race is a nail-biting spectacle from start to finish.

No-Prep Drag Racing: Experience the thrill of no-prep drag racing as drivers battle it out on a surface with no traction compound laid down. It's raw, unfiltered racing at its best.

Exciting Classes: From Small Tire Unlimited to Truck & SUV, Drag n' Drive, and more, there's a class for every type of racer at LS Fest Texas. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, there's an opportunity to compete and showcase your skills.

Prizes and Payouts: With cash prizes, plaques, and LS Fest winner's jackets up for grabs, there's plenty of incentive for competitors to give it their all and put on a show for fans.

Action-Packed Weekend: LS Fest Texas is more than just drag racing. With donut pits, drifting, grudge test 'n' tune sessions, and more, it's a full weekend of automotive excitement that you won't soon forget.

LS Fest Texas Drag Classes


This class is for the baddest small-tire cars at LS Fest Texas. Run what ya' brung, with limited rules.

Friday Winner $1,500 | Friday Runner-Up $550

Saturday Winner $2,000 | Runner-Up $750

Permitted tires are 20x10.5 non-W, 28x11.5 DOT bias ply, and 275/60/R15 drag radial

Must be a production vehicle with all body panels (hoods optional)

AWD is permitted

All power adders are permitted

Stock-style front suspension with stock-style rear suspension, back-half permitted

Wheelie bars are prohibited


This is a heads-up class for the baddest and fastest trucks and SUVs. Rules are simple and straightforward - bring the heat!

Friday Winner $1,000 | Friday Runner-Up $250

Saturday Winner $1,500 | Runner-Up $500

Trucks and SUVs from all manufacturers are permitted so long as they're powered by an LS or current-gen LT

Drag radials and bias-ply slicks are permitted

Wheelie bars are prohibited

El Caminos, Rancheros, and other cars of the sort are NOT classed as trucks


A heads-up class designed to test the performance and durability of your naturally-aspirated build. All entries are required to participate in and complete a 10+ mile cruise at Texas Motor Speedway followed immediately by eliminations. Additional cruising may be required between rounds at event staff's discretion.

Friday Winner $500 | Friday Runner-Up $250

Saturday Winner $1,000 | Runner-Up $500

Must be naturally aspirated

Must complete a 10+ mile cruise before eliminations

Must be stock wheelbase

Must have stock firewall (can be notched for clearance)

Must have working headlights and tail lights

Tires must be DOT-approved. 315mm maximum tire width. Corvettes are allowed to use up to OE tire sizes

Must cruise and race on same tires. No changing of tires or wheels UNLESS there is damage to a tire. In this case, notify tech before changing the damaged tire

Composite windows are permitted but must appear stock and utilize stock moldings

Rear seat and passenger seat deletes are permitted but the interior must appear stock otherwise

Bolt-in frontends are permitted but must be in the factory location

Stock-suspension cars and frame-rail ladder bars are permitted

Tube chassis, full front clips, and back-half cars are prohibited

Wheelie bars are prohibited

Aftermarket add-on front strut bars are prohibited unless they're factory/OEM. They must be bolted in the original location


Rules, regulations, and payouts are all the same as Drag & Drive NA. The only difference is that this class is for all forced induction/nitrous builds. That's right - ALL power adders are permitted!


This is a no-payout class focused on keeping fun at a premium. Perfect for making passes against a friend or staging in a group. Maybe your build isn't as competitive as you want it to be in other classes or you're learning to drive a new setup - Grudge Test N' Tune is the class for you. This class will run through the entire weekend with its own dedicated staging lane.


This is always one of the most entertaining LS Fest classes. All participating vehicles must utilize a clutch-assisted H-pattern shifted transmission. Other than that, this class is unlimited.

Friday Winner $1,000 | Friday Runner-Up $500

Saturday Winner $1,500 | Runner-Up $500


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