Michael Seymour's Stank Nova

By: Michael Seymour | 03/21/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

Hi, my name is Michael Seymour, I work in the marketing department of Holley performance, I've been here for about a little over 6 months, and I'm sitting on my 1976 four-door Chevy Nova. Funny story about this car, I didn't even really know these four-doors existed. My weird accent, I'm originally from Australia but I've lived most of my life in the states and growing up Holdens and Australia were a big influence on me, it's pretty expensive to import those, they've got the G8's, I've had one of those before, but I really wanted something more old school so these look very similar to our 1970's Holden Kingswood of that era and I wanted one that had a little bit of a patina look to it but wasn't too rusty and the old stinky Nova fit the bill. So the plan, for now, is to keep it cheap and eventually if I can keep it for a long time is to make it kind of a pro touring thing which, I don't think anyone has ever done that with a four-door Nova. I picked up the wheels from a co-worker who was selling them, they fit perfectly but the color wasn't what I was looking for so with the theme of keeping it cheap, I decided to use plastic dip and I found a color that matches the top almost perfectly. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, I'll eventually paint them or powder coat them but for now, it's going to work out just fine. The cool thing about them from what I know, the front end is pretty similar to a second GEN Camaro front end for suspension parts at least and the rear is more similar to a first GEN but I've got the weaker 7.5 inch ten bolts that's going to have to go if it's going to get LS power but for now I just love how it looks, it actually runs and drives pretty good right now, it probably has 200,000 miles on it but it runs alright. I typically have a car for like a year or two and it's not by choice, it's not the plan but I'll buy a car that needs a little work on it and then fix it up a little bit, drive it around, then I'll kind of get bored if it doesn't fit my needs but this Honda S2000 that I've got, I've never owned a Honda before, never thought I would but this has been the most fun car that I've had so far. I originally wanted a yellow one, you can't pull off yellow in too many cars but an S2000 you could, but this one popped up and it was the right deal, right condition, and stuff and it's been a blast to drive. I think this car in combination with this highway cruiser will be a good combination of cars to have. This right now has got to stay in the barn because it's a little bit stinky looking so I don't want to detract from the value of the house I guess. So my first week in town working for Holley was LS Fest East 2017 and that's what kind of inspired me on this build, there's so many LS combinations that you can have and a couple of the cars that were just cheaply put together LSs that were super quick and really cool and that's what kind of inspired me to really think about this, looking forward to what it has in the future but it's going to be a long process I think. In the department, you work in they kind of hazed you a little bit by forcing you to be a reindeer. Yeah if you saw any of the commercials and the videos that we put out during the Holley Days sale 2017, there was this reindeer that was pretty awkward and had a weird voice, that was me. But free shipping is free! I'm going to blow his hooves off! The voice doesn't match my normal voice though, I was kind of in disguise but it was pretty fun to do that, I had a lot of fun. And you know that's when we knew that you were one of us. Yeah, if I can be a reindeer I can do anything.

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