Might Demon Aluminum Carburetors

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 03/29/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

Put a little devil in your ride, with the next generation of all aluminum Mighty Demon carburetors. Our latest versions of the Mighty Demon have been completely re-engineered and re-calibrated.  Offering you better drivability as well as full-throttle performance whether you’re cruising the streets or making passes at the track. The all-aluminum construction includes billet metering blocks and a billet base plate, making this Mighty Demon nearly 40% lighter than the originals.

Our aluminum Mighty Demons are available in popular 650, 750 and 850cfm platforms and depending or your performance needs choose one with mechanical or vacuum secondaries. We offer several configurations including models with annular boosters or choose one with the down leg design for your naturally aspirated engine. For those of you running forced induction, we have blow-through carbs, which are perfect for your turbo or super charged set-up.  And if you prefer the nostalgic look, get a pair of Mighty Demons designed for dual quad blower set-ups.

Demon main bodies have a sleek design and feature replaceable high-speed air bleeds and idle bleeds. Even the billet metering blocks have removable power valve restrictions for more precise tuning. Large capacity fuel bowls front and back come with dual sight glasses for easy float adjustment, they also have convenient dual threaded fuel inlets on each side and internal baffling to prevent fuel slosh. Secondary fuel bowls get notched floats and come with main jet extensions to help prevent fuel starvation during hard launches.

The billet aluminum baseplate utilizes our trade marked Idle-Eze adjustment for precision idle tuning and a smoother off-idle transition. The re-designed throttle lever incorporates Ford A/T, 700-R4, and Chrysler kick down options as well. All these features are wrapped in an attractive polished finish that’s sure to compliment any engine bay.

For high horsepower street and race engines, the all-aluminum Mighty Demons can deliver the power and performance that you need.

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