Miller Family's Impala "Purrs Like a Kitten" After Upgrading to EFI

By: Todd Veney01/22/2018 < Back to Blog Home
The Miller family gave their classic '61 Impala a huge upgrade, swapping the car's original 283 cubic-inch (4.6L) small-block Chevy engine for a modern 5.3 LS powerplant. Soon after buying the car in mostly stock trim from a seller in Ohio in 2014, they installed EFI that noticeably stepped up both horsepower and performance and worked perfectly from the first time they fired the engine. Ashley Miller, a high school teacher, won over a lot of her students they day she rolled onto the campus with the classic machine. Though the car runs like a top as it is, their future plans call for an eventual switch to a turbocharged combination. To hear it in their own words, just hit the play button.