Mr. Gasket 900 CFM Air Mover Fan

By: Ray Frescas03/29/2018 < Back to Blog Home

In between rounds, when you are at the racetrack and need to cool your race car fast, Mr. Gaskets Air Mover fan cools your engine or transmission down in no time. This multi-purpose utility fan flows a high volume of air – 900 cfm to be exact, to cool or dry in any number of possible scenarios. The unique shape of the housing allows the fan to be operated at multiple angles to get the job done. The one quarter horsepower motor uses only two amps when running. The advanced fan blade design provides high output along with quiet operation. It features a built-in carrying handle along with a 15 foot long cord and has a 12 amp power outlet built-in so you can use tools, lights or daisy chain multiple fans for a dynamic vortex of air. Ideal for use in the shop, trailer, or at the race track, Mr. Gaskets Airmover fan will cool and ventilate any area you point it to.