Mr. Gasket Anchortrax Cargo Tie Down System

By: Ray Frescas07/30/2018 < Back to Blog Home

Now you can secure any size load, without breaking a sweat. Mr. Gaskets Anchortrax make its easy and safe to secure your cargo whether it’s a truck bed, panel van, or trailer. Adding Anchortrax provides flexible anchor points allowing you to securely tie down your cargo. The easy to install aluminum railing provides multiple tie down points allowing you to accommodate any size cargo. The slim rail design does not obstruct when not in use. Ideal for truck beds or trailers, the 6’ long rails are easily installed. 4 anchor clips are included but extra anchor clips are available. The track rails and sliding loops have a 3000lb breaking point but more important is the working load. Anchortrax have a safe working load of up to 1000lbs. This is the maximum force that cargo load can be safely secured since the loads are subject to weight shifting under braking and acceleration. Next time you need to anchor your payload without getting your shirt dirty, use Mr. Gaskets Anchortrax!