Mr. Gasket Battery Powered Fuel Transfer Pump

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 11/26/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

Refueling has never been so easy! Thanks to Mr Gasket, there’s a safe, easy, and best of all affordable way to transfer fuel from your fuel jug or can to another container, or into your vehicles, recreational toys and lawn or farm equipment.

It’s a handheld Portable Fuel Transfer Pump that can eliminate heavy lifting and help prevent accidental spills. Our fuel transfer pump is DC-Powered and self-contained using only 4 double A batteries, so there’s no annoying battery leads to untangle or connect. 

Who doesn’t hate those annoying self-sealing spouts found on the newer gas jugs! It never fails, you’re going to get gas on your hands and it takes twice as long to fill anything! Mr Gaskets fuel transfer pumps can be adapted to fit most fuel jugs and fuel cans using the included adapters. Our handy 51” outlet hose is extra long to reach most fuel tanks and hard to get to filler necks. You’ll also find the easy to use discharge clip keeps the hose in place and your hands free.

Never overfill again, the convenient auto-stop feature helps prevent overfilling and messy spills by automatically shutting off the flow when the fuel level reaches the stop line on the discharge nozzle. Handy for when you can’t see the fuel level and in low lighting conditions. It’s so safe and easy, even your wife and kids will want to use it!

With up to 3gpm of flow the uses are endless. Use it to precisely pre-mix fuel for your 2-stroke equipment, topping off the toys for the weekend, or filling equipment on the jobsite. Maybe you need to transfer fuel to your car after the kids borrowed it again or just want to skip the expensive gas dock at the marina and bring your own fuel.  

Trust your “Hot Rod Helper”, Trust Mr Gasket.

For more information or to purchase a Mr Gasket fuel transfer pump visit our website at Mr