Mr. Gasket MLS Head Gaskets

By: Todd Veney | 04/22/2016 < Back to Motor Life Home
Head gaskets would have to be practically indestructible to be backed by a lifetime warranty, wouldn't they? There is only one company willing to stand behind their head gaskets for a lifetime: Mr. Gasket. "Mr. Gasket makes the best MLS head gaskets in the industry for Oldsmobile 350, 403, and 445 engines," says Lynn Welfringer of Mondello Performance Products. NHRA sportsman star and many-time Hemi Shootout champion Charlie Westcott Jr. concurs: "I use Mr. Gasket material for all my specialty engine applications," he says. Mr. Gasket Multi-Layered Steel head gaskets are the ONLY head gaskets guaranteed for the lifetime of your engine, and it's because of how they're made. The most trusted name in the business for more than a half-century has an innovative soft radius forming process that reduces stress points, improves gasket conformability, and provides uniform clamp load distribution for an airtight, leak-proof seal. Each gasket layer then undergoes a comprehensive stress-relieving/tempering process that lessens brittleness and relaxes stress points. That process stabilizes the gasket for maximum performance across the entire rpm range, reduces cylinder bore distortion, and improves combustion seal. This makes them ideal for the extreme cylinder pressures in high compression, supercharged, and turbocharged engines. Just ask all-time Pro Stock great Bruce Allen, a 16-time winner on the NHRA tour with the world-famous Reher-Morrison team and one of today's leading high-performance engine builders. "They save a ton of money and time on rebuilds because you don't have to silicone around all the water holes anymore," he says. "You'd always have all that mess to clean off the gaskets and the block, but with Mr. Gasket MLS gaskets, it's 'one and done.' The best part is, most of the time we can reuse them – they're just as good as new." Instead of skipping the crucial final step and pre-coating the gaskets like ordinary gaskets from other manufacturers, Mr. Gasket has a proprietary polymer coating that ensures uniform coverage of the outer layers with no break in the coating. This polymer coating seals a rougher or coarser RA (roughness average) surface than typical MLS head gaskets. This means that these head gaskets are more likely to seal surfaces that aren't perfectly machined. This makes these the finest multi-layered steel head gaskets available, and it's the reason they're used by the most respected and successful high-performance and race engine builders in the world. And when it's time to rebuild that engine, Mr. Gasket MLS head gaskets pay you back one more time. Instead of hours of tedious, time-consuming scraping that can damage the deck of the block or the heads, these gaskets release easily during disassembly. No matter what your application is – high-performance street car, all-out drag car, or oval-track car – there's only one place to go for a lifetime seal: Mr. Gasket.