Mr. Gasket Wiring Harness and Relay Kits

By: Ray Frescas | 06/07/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

When the time comes to install high amperage electronics such as electric cooling fans, electric fuel pumps or electric water pumps using a relay is just plain safe and smart. Mr. Gaskets’ wiring harness and relay kits make easy work out of installing a relay but most importantly protect your electrical system and provide reliable and consistent power to your high amperage electronics.

Simply put a relay is an electronic switch that can handle higher current loads than a typical switch. The way a relay works, a small amount of electricity is used to move a big contact inside the relay that can handle a larger current. This allows you to mount your relay as close to the battery and component providing the shortest electrical path. You can then run a small current wire back to your dashboard to a more practical low amp switch. This simplifies wiring, and provides better performance without any voltage drops. And since they can slide together with the slot on the connector, you can attach multiple relays together for a clean wire installation.

These kits include high quality heavy gauge wiring, a heavy-duty 30 Amp Relay, a 30 Amp circuit breaker, a pre-wired relay connector, crimp terminals and hardware. Electric fan relay kits include a temperature switch for fully automatic operation.