New LS Engine Swap Mount Plates from Hooker Headers

By: Bill Tichenor | 04/18/2011 < Back to Motor Life Home
Holley is pleased to announce the release of their Hooker brand LS Engine Swap Mount Plates. They’re designed to make the task of swapping an LS engine into a classic muscle car or truck as easy as possible. With five different mount kits available, enthusiasts are sure to find the mounts needed to position the engine and transmission assembly in the appropriate location. Plates are available for use with stock small-block Chevy engine mounts to place the engine and transmission in the stock location or move it forward ½-, 1-¼- or 3-inches. Hooker also offers a mount kit designed for applications that use the clamshell type mount such as a G-body. These plates are constructed of sturdy 3/8" thick hot rolled steel making it both light weight and strong. The zinc plating provides a clean and durable finish that lasts. The purpose of these plates are to adapt the factory small-block Chevy mount to the LS-motor's mount in five configurations. Visit for more information regarding this and other Holley brand products.
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