NOS Gen III HEMI Mopar Nitrous Kit

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 06/20/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

Are you looking for Hellcat performance, but you’re on a neon budget? While you may not get 707hp out of your Hemi powered MOPAR, with a little help from Nitrous Oxide Systems you can add up to 250 rear wheel horsepower!  Without breaking the bank!

NOS offers complete nitrous kits for a variety of MOPARs,  powered by the popular third gen Hemi engine. Our plate only option P# 15184NOS will work on all gen3 Hemis utilizing an 80mm throttle body.  For a complete listing of available applications, visit our website and search the NOS brand tab. (maybe we could do a screen shot at the end of the video with all the applications listed?)

Our complete kit P#05184NOS provides everything you’ll need to install the extra power that you crave.   We include our iconic 10 lb. “NOS Blue” nitrous bottle, as well as all the brackets, hoses and fittings needed for a clean, complete installation.

What makes the NOS kit unique from the competition is the inclusion of our NOS 2-Stage Mini Progressive Controller. This controller acts as a window switch, which only allows the nitrous to be activated based on an RPM and throttle opening threshold. This ensures there will be no unintentional activation if the rev limiter or traction control are engaged. The progressive controller is also crucial in supplying a smooth power delivery especially when used with today’s factory return-less style fuel systems.

You’ll also get a pre-assembled black anodized aluminum nitrous plate, extended length mounting screws, solenoid bracket and 8 stainless steel NOS jets that can deliver dyno tested power levels of 75, 100, 125 & 150 rear wheel horsepower.

This NOS system is capable of supporting up to 250 horsepower, but keep in mind, power levels exceeding 150 RWHP, may require an upgrade to your fuel system or engine internals. Always read and follow the manufacturers directions carefully.

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