NOS Releases Supercharger Injector Plate Nitrous Systems

By: Todd Veney | 03/26/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Holley is pleased to announce the release of NOS Supercharger Injector Plate Nitrous System​s. Compatible with both 6-71 and 8-71 Roots-style superchargers and available in your choice of black or silver, they provide 175 additional horsepower and can add up to an extra 250 horsepower with the proper jetting. They come with or without a 10-pound nitrous bottle and include everything you need in one comprehensive kit: a low-profile (1/2-inch) aluminum plate, hardline, nozzles, jets, studs, gaskets, a fuel block, and detailed, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.


NOS Supercharger Injector Plate Nitrous System​s inject nitrous into the engine at -127 degrees Fahrenheit, and as it mixes with the incoming air it lowers intake temperatures by as much as 75 degrees. This denser intake charge boosts both power and torque by up to 40 percent across the entire power band, and because the nitrous can be injected at lower rpm – before the engine reaches full boost – it eliminates lag time and delivers instantaneous power. 

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