NOS Trash Can TC178 Nitrous Solenoid

By: Ray Frescas | 04/05/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

Are you looking for big power from a single nitrous solenoid? Well look no further than the new NOS TC178! These large body solenoids have been around the race track for years and have been given the name “Trash Cans” due to their large physical size as well as their ability to deliver large amounts of nitrous oxide. NOS has improved on the traditional “Trash Can” with our new TC178. The name gives an indication of this solenoids capabilities, T-C for Trash Can and 178 for the huge one seventy-eight thousandths orifice diameter, which has a potential power delivery in the 900 horsepower range. NOS did not stop at just improving on our existing Trash Can solenoid with a larger diameter outlet orifice, we also have reduced the total weight by ¼ of a pound by changing the solenoid body from stainless steel to anodized 6061 aluminum.

The TC178 solenoid has a PTFE plunger for superior sealing properties and long life, a 20 amp activation coil ensures quick response times and is compatible for use with most progressive controllers like the NOS Mini 2-Stage or Launcher and has a ¼ inch NPT side inlet, a one eighth inch NPT bottom exit and a one eighth inch NPT purge side port.

If big power and less weight is what you need for you to race and win, then get a better Trash Can with the NOS TC178 nitrous solenoid.

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