Now Available: Holley’s Stand Alone Digital Dash

By: Todd Veney | 08/04/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
Holley’s Stand Alone Digital Dash has the same great features and gauge-customization capabilities as our EFI dash and can be used in any vehicle without a Holley ECU. It’s a full-color, touchscreen unit that includes sensors to monitor basic engine parameters and a GPS speedometer and built-in accelerometer – all in one budget-friendly package. Features include a seven-inch low-glare full-color touchscreen wrapped in a weather-resistant aluminum housing. It also has powerful datalogging software capable of 10 samples per second with built-in data playback capabilities. It continually monitors inputs and alerts you to potential problems, and you can customize system warnings for any input, preventing damage before it’s too late. Eliminate dash-mounted switches and use your touchscreen display as a virtual switch panel, or keep track of your engine RPM with the built-in progressive shift light and multi-configuration light bar. You can even add the Holley LED Light Bar (part number 553-107) for a truly customized look. This stand-alone dash allows you to select between multiple gauge and indicator screens with the option of customizing any screen or gauge layout to your exact specifications. The screen has crisp 800x480 resolution, and the auto-brightening and dimming features mean you’ll get the information you need no matter the driving conditions. You'll also have instant access to all your data, and you can save logs directly to the included USB memory stick for direct playback on the dash or perform a more in-depth review on your personal laptop using the included PC software. Ideal for the street, strip, or anything in between, with an integrated three-axis accelerometer, data-logging capabilities, and expandable internal memory, the possibilities are endless. As always, Holley offers free software and firmware upgrades directly from our website, keeping you up to date at all times with the latest technology. The complete Stand Alone Digital Dash kit includes the dash itself, an I/O adapter, USB memory stick, terminated vehicle harness, oil pressure sensor, coolant-temp sensor, manifold air-temperature sensor, and USB-linked GPS module with a magnetic base for a quick and clean install. Numerous additional sensors are available, including fuel pressure, nitrous pressure, and boost, and more are on the way.

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