Now Tuning 2022 Mustang 5.0


Now Tuning 2022 Mustang 5.0


Dashpaq+ and Flashpaq are available now for 2022 5.0L Mustang with peak gains of 20hp/38tq!

With the preloaded tunes available in either programmer and no other modifications, drivability, midrange power, and throttle response will all improve drastically. Automatic and manual transmission vehicles are supported by both products.

Transmission calibration from the factory leaves a lot on the table when it comes to the needs of the average enthusiast, and Superchips has enhanced every facet, delivering power to the ground at the driver’s will. Restrictive torque management functions and other “nanny” contingencies are all but bypassed entirely to put the driver in full control.

Tune File NameOctaneHPTQ
93 Performance932038
91 Performance911530
Modified Stock*Stock HP/TQ allows user adjustments*Dashpaq+ only

Dashpaq+ for Mustang

Dashpaq+ is state-of-the-art, combining engine monitoring with powerful tuning and a healthy menu of optional user adjustments. Controls are through a simple, high-resolution, touchscreen interface, and updates are easy to apply through wi-fi or your computer. The added ability to monitor and datalog with dozens of available PID’s makes it the true enthusiast’s device of choice.

User Adjustments with Dashpaq+

  • Cooling fan, adjustable by target coolant temp, range 180-230 degrees
  • MAF Sensor curve (-20% – +30%)
  • Rev limiter, in Neutral, adjust 3000-9000 RPM
  • Rev limiter, in Gear – (3000-9000 rpm)
  • Cam Timing, adjusts Intake and Exhaust +/-20%, in high and/or low RPM ranges
  • Transmission Shift Points by MPH, each upshift from 1-8th gear by +/-20%
  • Global Spark Advance, +/-10 degrees over stock or selected tune
  • Fuel Table from 2000-4000 RPM, richen or lean by 40%
  • Fuel Table from 4000-7000 RPM, richen or lean by 40%

Flashpaq: Performance Upgrade to Your Ford Mustang

For a more budget-friendly option, the Flashpaq handheld tuner offers the same performance gains in a simpler plug-and-play device containing the ability to apply adjustments and read/clear diagnostic trouble codes.

User Adjustments with Flashpaq

  • Rev Limiter, Raise
  • Speed Limiter, Raise
  • Auto Start-Stop Disable
  • Fan Temp- Pre-set Lowered temp. table
  • Global Spark Advance- +/- in degrees
  • Transmission shift strategies for automatics- optimized in existing tunes

Instant Throttle Response on your Mustang with Amp’D 2.0

Superchips Amp’d 2.0L Throttle Sensitivity Booster is easy to install and delivers immediate improvement to the engine’s throttle response. This increased sensitivity optimizes your Mustang’s driving experience and puts power to the ground when you want it! Amp’d 2.0 offers an elegantly simple solution that generates “seat of the pants” response you won’t find anywhere else.

Amp’d 2.0 (5) preset throttle settings that can be switched on the fly, and an intuitive plug-and-play installation to factory connectors without cutting or splicing wires. Settings are adjustable through our wireless switch, or the all-new Amp’d 2.0 smartphone app which includes an option to create custom pedal map curves.


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