Picking the Right Performance Setup for Your Situation

By: Sean B. | 02/28/2013 < Back to Motor Life Home
Now that we've given you the background on electricity, in our Easy Guide to Electricity in Your Car article, we thought of a few scenarios where we can help you match the perfect products to get the optimal performance from your car. If You're Adding Nitrous for... Street Performance If you are planning on adding nitrous to your car, we can recommend a few setups to help you get the most out of your new power adder. For purely street performance driving, our HyFire Nitrous 6 #6865M features a single stage ignition retard, for when your nitrous oxide system is activated. In this case, you could match that system with a Promaster e-Series street and strip coil, #30440. This coil has a relatively higher inductance than others for more stored energy. Street and Strip Driving For someone who is going to drive their car on the street and take it out and race, the versatile and feature-packed HyFire VI #685 provides everything you could want. This box includes, boost proportional retard, 2 stage rev limiting, built-in RPM window switch and an easy to adjust digital display. You could once again use the #30440 coil, but if you're going to be racing at RPMs above 6000, we recommend the #30625 coil, which would provide the quick spark needed for higher RPM racing. High RPM Pro Racing Now, if this car is built predominately for drag racing, the perfect combination after adding nitrous would be a HyFire VIIC #667C and a high RPM #28880 Promaster classic coil. When you're getting into high RPM, hardcore racing situations, the #28880 is our lowest inductance coil that provides the fastest rise time and peak spark plug current of any CD coil. Our HyFire VIIC CD box includes 3 rev limiters, 3 retard stages, high speed advance and a remote digital controller for easy push button adjustability. If You're Adding a Supercharger or Turbocharger for... Street Performance We have a couple of options with regards to cruising with your blower or turbo installed. A nice Mallory 6AL #6853M CD box will provide more performance with less draw and digital CD at an analog price. This box includes a built-in rev limiter with no chips required. If you want all that plus boost proportional ignition retard and a 2 BAR MAP sensor, our #6870M Charger 6 box is what you are looking for. Both CD boxes would fit well with our #30440 coil. Street and Strip Driving Taking your car out to the drag strip with your new supercharger or turbo, once again that #685 HyFire VI comes into the conversation. We talk about that box a lot, because it is so feature packed, that it can fit a plethora of applications. Once again, that box can work well with a #30440 or a #30625 (if you're pushing it past 6000 RPM). High RPM Pro Racing Just like our nitrous section, high RPM pro racing calls for a VII series CD box. The #667C would be a great fit, but if you want boost proportional retard with a 3 BAR MAP sensor included, we have the #667BTR, specially engineered for use with superchargers or turbochargers. Match this with a #28880 high RPM coil that can handle the energy flow from this high performing box. If You Want a Clean Looking Hot Rod... Did you know that you can get a high output CD ignition with digital boost proportional retard, rev limiting and programmable software all included in a distributor with electronic and vacuum based advance? That's what our Mallory Maxfire 12 Series distributors are all about. We discussed this a little in our Mallory distributor guide earlier this year. With this distributor, you don't need a CD box, because it's built-in for you to just drop in and run. These distributors match up best with a #30440 coil and are available in popular Chevy and Ford applications.
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