Problem Solved: Randy Gilmore Tries CataClean!

By: Todd Veney | 09/14/2016 < Back to Motor Life Home
Randy Gilmore now knows just how effective CataClean fuel and exhaust system cleaner really is. Gilmore, of Newark, N.J., has worked hard to improve every aspect of his prized 2002 Mustang GT since the day he bought it, but, as he put it, "it was backfiring so bad, it sounded like a shootout or small bombs exploding. It was embarrassing." CataClean made that go away – immediately. "I went to the store for a fuel additive and saw it there on the shelf," he said. "I paused for a second when I saw the price because it cost more than the other products, but I decided it was worth the chance, and boy was it ever." Patented CataClean fuel and exhaust system treatment reduces carbon buildup in cylinder head combustion chambers, catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and fuel injectors. It only takes a minute to use – all you have to do is pop it open, pour it in the tank, and let your engine start cleaning itself as CataClean works its way through the exhaust system. "It was the most amazing thing," Gilmore said. "I waited till I was down to a quarter of a tank, just like the directions said, poured in the whole bottle, and I could tell the difference right away, as soon as I started it up. The engine went from bucking and choking and shaking to running great – just like that. I mean right away. By the time I pulled out of the gas station, I could feel the difference and the exhaust even smelled different. I could feel my Pony's power increase because it was no longer backed up, and it hasn't backfired since." CataClean truly does help extend the life of any engine – gas, diesel, even hybrids. It's a great pre-treatment before emissions tests and helps keep modern fuel blends from robbing you of power, damaging expensive sensors, lowering your mileage, or reducing overall fuel-system efficiency. "I'll definitely buy it again," Gilmore said. "I'll be buying it from now on, and I'll do a quarterly cleanse. It's going to be part of my maintenance, just like changing the oil. It's hard to find something that actually does exactly what it says it's going to do, but CataClean really does."
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