Project El Camino Verde: THE CHASSIS

By: Bill Tichenor | 03/09/2010 < Back to Motor Life Home
Baer Brakes Performance isn't only in horsepower and torque. Performance also comes from proper braking. That's why we opted to install a set of front and rear Baer brakes to El Camino Verde. Here you can see the rear discs that are mounted onto the Moser rear axle. New Body Mounts In order to properly fit the LS engine into the El Camino's frame, we had to create a new set of engine mounts. After some trial fitting, we came up with these that work perfectly. Transmission Mount Mock-up Stripped Bare Frame After removing the frame from the El Camino's body, it was blasted clean, then primed and painted. Reassembly After the frame came back it was time to reinstall the engine and all of the suspension components. Moser Rear Axle Because we're adding a little more power to this El Camino, we opted to install a Moser rear axle. The Moser unit comes with an aluminum differential cover and heavy–duty axles. Note the Hotchkiss suspension system for added traction.

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