Project El Camino Verde: THE ENGINE

By: Bill Tichenor | 02/10/2010 < Back to Motor Life Home
Out with the old... No time was wasted getting the car torn down. First things first though, we removed the doghouse, followed by the stock 305 c.i. engine.
New LS3
The El Camino Verde's new E–Rod LS3 engine is emissions compliant and will deliver 430hp and better fuel economy too.
Engine & Tranny On Frame
The LS3 engine and the GM 4L60E automatic transmission were mounted onto the El Camino Verde's frame. Since the car has been finished the trans has been swapped in favor of a 6–speed T–56 by Tremec which has offered more control while autocrossing.
Test fit- front shot
Exhaust System
A new exhaust system with a cross–over pipe was fabricated for this application. The stock exhaust manifolds were used to remain emissions compliant. The rest of the exhaust was routed through a set of Hooker Aero Chamber mufflers. While the exhaust manifolds were used here, a new set of LS Engine swap Headers will be offered under the Hooker brand, for G–body's using an LS engine swap.

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