Race Recap: LODRS D1R1 Maple Grove

By: Cameron Ferre | 06/03/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Team Racepak members Kelly Kundratic and Taylor Iacono recap race one of the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Division 1 season at Maple Grove Raceway, May 24-26, 2019.


We posted the video on the Team Racepak Facebook, but here is the video as well. Team Racepak Members Kelly Kundratic and Taylor Iacono had to run each against each other first round where Kelly went -.005. This was Kelly's first competitive round since 2016. While losing first round is never easy, she's incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be back doing what she loves and she's eager to get behind the wheel again soon. 


Here she is in her own words:


Though I got an earlier than normal start to testing this season compared to past race seasons, I experienced some issues between the Atco open and this race. After finding metal in the oil filter, we had the motor and transmission pulled and cleaned and replaced the trans case and converter. Amazingly, dad had it back up and running within 19 days which includes the time we were away for Virginia National event and my full-time work schedule. Thanks to my engine builder, my dad, and some other key partners, I was able to have the car at the track in time to test prior to this weekend's event. I am blown away by their collective determination and hustle and humbled by their support. It was thanks to my Racepak data logger that we were able to compare previous runs on the bad set-up to the newly revamped engine and transmission combination we have now. We're encouraged by the improvements we have identified to-date.


We wish Team Racepak members Kelly Kundratic and Taylor Iacono best of luck in their upcoming races!

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