Reset Year: Classic Truck Hobby Updates by Ronnie


Reset Year: Classic Truck Hobby Updates by Ronnie


2020 was definitely a unique year from the perspective of the classic truck hobby, shows were canceled and some were turned into more of a cruise style gathering. You may have had less time to show your pride and joy, but a lot more time to work on it. Maybe you were able to fix the things you hadn’t gotten around to or just freshen things up a bit.

Fortunately we are now seeing a change back to some normalcy when it comes to truck shows and gatherings. This year, I have been able to attend the 10th annual Lone Star Throwdown in Conroe, Texas and most recently Battle in Bama, in Mobile, Alabama. Of these shows, there were some mild restrictions, but it really depended on the local jurisdictions policies set in place for Covid, i.e. amount of people, spectators in a certain area, and overall mask wearing rules.

The biggest repercussions that we will see for 2021 is the parts and product shortage because we bought up everything during covid/quarantine. Currently, our aftermarket parts companies are trying their hardest to re-stock and provide us with the best possible parts available for our trucks.

How many of you remember back in the day, we would send a check or cash to a parts company? Lets say, Early Classic Enterprises would, in turn, send us their latest catalog of parts. We would then fill out an order form that was usually in the back pages, and mail that off with a check – maybe a credit card number. Then, we would wait what seemed like a-really-long-time (compared to these days) but since we didn’t know any different, we were fine with it.

My point being, in this transition time, we as consumers have to reset our build barometers as parts aren’t going to come in 4-6 days like we were accustomed to prior to 2020. It’s funny how spoiled we have become with online ordering and the “Amazon Effect” – I want it now!

I am just as guilty and have been trying very hard to pre plan my parts lists. I am trying to think about what project I am and will be working on in the future to anticipate my parts needs, like we did in 1999!

So, 2021 should be the reset year after what might have been one of the craziest years we have seen in our lifetimes. So lets enjoy the simple things, reset our build perspectives and ultimately be stoked we can get back out there and attend shows, hang with our truck friends, and enjoy one of, if not the BEST thing about this passionate hobby of ours – YOU, the people!

— Ronnie Wetch


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