Robby Gordon Brings The Holley HydraMat to Stadium Super Trucks

By: Alex Healey | 09/28/2015 < Back to Motor Life Home
Every motorsport poses its own unique challenges for fuel supply. In drag racing, cars leave the starting line at three G's or more, depending on the level of racing. In stock car racing, fuel is constantly being pulled to the outside of the car as they make turns high speeds on speedways all over America. In drifting and road racing, cars are under immense G's not only from acceleration and cornering, but also braking. As demanding as these environments are, the Stadium Super Truck Series might just be the most demanding from a fuel supply standpoint. Not only do these trucks accelerate, brake, and corner hard, but they also go over huge jumps, literally adding an additional dimension to the fuel supply equation. In the world of motorsports, Robby Gordon may be the most versatile driver in the world. Gordon has seven SCORE International championships, three Baja 1000 victories, four Baja 500 victories, Nine Dakar Rally stage victories, three NASCAR Sprint Cup Series wins, one NASCAR Sprint Cup Gatorade 125 win, one NASCAR Nationwide Series win, two CART wins, and one Central Europe Rally Special win. It's safe to say that if it has four wheels, Robby Gordon can drive it and drive it well. Gordon's success has carried over to the new Stadium Super Trucks series. The series has been in existence since 2013, and Robby has claimed the championship in both 2013 and 2014. For 2015, he is currently sitting in second place with 15 of 20 rounds completed. In addition to competing in the series, Gordon helped form it and helps prepare the trucks. Robby stated "In the Stadium Super Trucks series, we had numerous problems with fuel pickup due to fuel slosh from the big jumps, crossovers, and hard cornering." In light of this issue and seeing the new Holley HydraMat, which is being used successfully by racers in ARCA, SNORE Off-Road Racing, and by various other motorsports sanctioning bodies, Gordon arranged to test the HydraMat in his truck. The test session left Gordon impressed, saying "We simply can't have any issues with fuel pickup causing our trucks to stumble. The HydraMat solved all of our fuel pickup problems." For the last five stages of the 2015 Stadium Super Trucks Series, you'll find a HydraMat in the fuel cell of every single Traxxas truck.