Roush Yates Mallory High Endurance Racing Ignition

By: Sean B. | 02/08/2012 < Back to Blog Home
The new racing ignition system from Roush Yates and Mallory features a digital multi-spark capacitive discharge ignition box and high-output ignition coil. The box provides reliable high performance with less power draw than comparable boxes (6.0 Amp draw @ 8800 RPM). With a spark energy at 100 mJ, this box was built for high endurance usage, withstanding long durations of high RPM cycles. The matching Roush Yates Mallory racing coil can produce a higher output for extended time at max RPM due to its heat regulating construction, vibration resistant encapsulation and primary (0.38 Ohms) and secondary (7.8K Ohms) resistance. This is the ideal ignition system for oval track and other high endurance racing applications.
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