SME Develops Unique Top Dragster Package With Holley EFI

By: Alex Healey10/30/2015 < Back to Blog Home
In Top Dragster, running consistent elapsed times is the most important thing a team can do. Going fast is one thing, but running a consistent number all weekend is what brings home the bacon. In any type of drag racing that favors consistency over speed, competitors stick to naturally aspirated combinations whenever they can, and look to either nitrous or superchargers when a power adder is required. For all of the benefits that come along with turbocharged combinations, they have long been viewed as the least consistent power adder option. Racers didn't want to deal with lag, delayed response time, and generally inconsistent power levels. Technology has a way of changing things though. Turbochargers themselves have come a long way in a short time. With options in sizing both turbine and compressor wheels, flange sizes, housing sizes, bearing types, wheel material, and more, turbos can be specced to work consistently with almost any engine combination. That's only part of the equation though. Boost control needs to be precise and adjustable in a variety of ways. A little too much or too little boost can have a driver packing his car onto the trailer earlier than desired. That's where Holley EFI's built in boost control comes into play. Holley's integrated boost control can map boost based on gear, speed, time, and other manual inputs. Holley EFI also has boost builder functions that offer the ability to assist in building boost on the starting line by altering ignition timing, fueling, and nitrous oxide activation. It can even be used as an anti-lag function. For more information on the SME turbo package, check out the complete Dragzine write-up!
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