Sniper Removable Tops for Fabricated Intakes

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 11/05/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

What’s your favorite look? Maybe it’s the clean lines of a single 4bbl or a big ol’ Dominator? How about a pair of 4 barrels or even a sweet 6 pack set up?

We all want our ride stand out and what better way to do that than by adding a unique induction setup to your engine! Sniper removable tops are just the ticket to drawing some extra attention to your engine bay. 

Sniper interchangeable tops allow you to convert your engine to one of the four available induction configurations by simply swapping out the removable lid on your Sniper intake. We CNC machine the modular plates from a beefy chunk of 3/8” billet aluminum. Then we bolt on the extra thick base flanges in one of 4 configurations. Removable tops are available in a single 4150 or single 4500 flange design, but if your engine craves more cfm’s we have a dual 4150 4bbl as well as a triple 2300 2bbl set-up. All 4 styles are available in the same matching black and silver finishes you’ll find on our Sniper fabricated intake manifolds. Removable tops include a quality sealing gasket and countersunk mounting hardware for a flush look.

Whether you just want the look of a custom intake or you like the versatility and ability to swap intake lids and change up your style, Sniper removable tops can put your engine over the top.

To find out more about our removable tops for Sniper fabricated intakes with a removable lid, visit our website at