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By: Jeremy Stoermer | 06/13/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

It’s not easy to keep your cool! Yesterday’s mechanical fans just can’t cut it! And todays cramped engine bays with high compression and turbo charged engines don’t help either. You need a compact and efficient alternative.

Founded in 1959 in Italy, Spal has been designing and producing electric fans for a wide variety of applications from power-sports to Nascar and just about everything in between. An Electric fan can reduce parasitic draw on your engine freeing up extra horsepower. Spal offers fans in a variety of diameters ranging from 4” to 16” in single or dual fan configurations with cfm ratings from 147cfm all the way up to a massive 2720 cfm’s of air flow. Choose from the traditional pull design or for more compact installations we offer pusher style fans as well. Our motors are individually balanced providing longer service life, and most units are fully sealed for increased reliability and performance in even the most extreme conditions.

Fan blades and housings are manufactured from high strength plastic, in your choice of 3 blade designs including straight, curved and paddle style. Our universal fan brackets, fan shrouds, and mounting pins make it easy to safely and securely mount your fan no matter what you’re installing it in.

Don’t forget to complete that professional installation with a heavy duty 40amp relay kit. It’s designed to integrate with OEM wiring and makes installation a breeze.  Purchase your waterproof relay kit with or without a stainless steel electronic sending unit. Our sending units offer hands free control of your electric fans, simply choose a sender with the on/off temperatures that best fits your needs.  

With such a wide selection of sizes and cooling capabilities Spal fans can be used to cool just about anything from radiators, oil and transmission coolers, condensers, heaters, or even batteries. They can even be used for ventilation.

SPAL electric fans and accessories were designed and built to meet the rigorous cooling requirements of today’s high performance automotive applications.

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