Street Demon Carburetors Revolutionize Air & Fuel Delivery for Hot Rodders

By: Todd Veney | 04/18/2016 < Back to Motor Life Home
Want the most advanced street carburetor in the world but think you can't install it yourself? You can – the Street Demon makes it easy. Available in 625 CFM and 750 CFM configurations and compatible with hundreds of unique applications, Holley's Street Demon is exactly what you'd come up with if you could start with a clean sheet of paper and design the perfect carburetor. They're available in three finishes – hand-polished, ball-burnished, and the new Shadow Black ceramic coating, which, in addition to bringing a modern stealth look, also acts as an impenetrable barrier to corrosion and heat, lowering fuel temperatures by as much as 20 degrees for a cooler, denser fuel charge. You can't go wrong – whichever finish you decide on and regardless of whether you choose the all-aluminum or black composite fuel bowl, you'll have a smoother, more stable idle, instant throttle response, and maximum performance throughout your entire rpm range. Street Demons have small primaries and innovative "Goggle Valve" secondary throttle plates that create more than twice the airflow of the primaries for newfound power you can really feel. The secondaries are siamesed for optimum airflow and ideal for dual plane intakes and divided plenums. These revolutionary carburetors come complete with everything you need to bolt them on – intake studs, nuts and washers, gaskets, even an air-cleaner stud, a throttle linkage ball, and an easy-to-use all-in-one bracket for a universal throttle hookup and transmission kick-down linkage. The included electric choke already has the proper wire for a fast, easy installation, and three baseplate gaskets (two made of paper and one made of metal that goes between them) eliminate vacuum leaks and ensure a precise, airtight seal. All Street Demon carburetors are compatible with Ford kick-downs and GM 200R4 and 700R4 transmissions and TPS kits for GM 4L60Es and 4L80Es. The dual bolt pattern makes them easy to bolt to either stock spread bore intakes or aftermarket manifolds with square flanges. Every gasket on the integrated fuel bowl/main body is positioned above the fuel level, eliminating potential leak paths, and the small primary bores and triple-stack boosters guarantee max fuel economy. The best part is that once a new Street Demon is on your engine, you won't have to do much tuning to have it calibrated perfectly. It's right in the ballpark right out of the box, ready for the rigors of everyday performance driving and built to last for years of trouble-free service from the first time you step on the gas.