STS Remote Mounted Single Turbo Kits

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 12/18/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

Have you been thinking about adding a turbo to your ride but you don’t have the room under your hood and you don’t want the hassle of swapping out manifolds or fabricating custom headers? STS understands the struggle and has overcome the challenges of a traditional turbo install by mounting our turbo in a remote location and out of the crowded engine bay. With STS you can mount the turbo in place of your stock muffler or choose another location that’s low in the chassis, or even mount it in the bed of a pick-up truck. Basically you’re able to mount your turbo anywhere it will fit since the critical oil return process is handled by our patented oiling system.

STS single turbo kits lay the groundwork and provide you the flexibility to install one of our patented remote mount turbochargers on almost any vehicle. Each turbo kit is custom engineered based on engine displacement and horsepower requirements to ensure that the turbo spools as quickly as possible and thus eliminating any noticeable turbo lag. We offer universal mount single turbo kits for engines as small as 4 liters with a 59mm turbo capable of making as much as 620hp. Our 5-6 liter kits use a 59mm turbo, with a larger turbine wheel and housing, and our largest kit uses a 67mm turbo and is designed for engines as large as 7 liters producing a whopping 750hp.

There are numerous benefits to a rear or mid mounted turbo. One of the biggest benefits is the reduction in under hood temperatures. By mounting the turbo in the rear of the vehicle you effectively eliminate a 1300 degree heat source from your engine bay that can wreak havoc on the plastics and other engine accessories under your hood. Rear mounting also eliminates additional clutter in your engine bay that could cause clearance or interference issues with the belts, pulleys, and accessories. Leaving you more room to do regular maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.


Since the turbo is exposed to ambient air and not crammed under the hood, turbo temperatures can be as much as 500 degrees cooler, eliminating the need for a turbo-timer. Placing the turbo near the rear of the vehicle, also allows better cooling of the turbo components for maximum efficiency and durability, lowering intake temps and increasing horsepower.


Another big benefit to the STS system, is that our kits allows you the ability to retain your stock exhaust manifolds and catalytic converters along with the stock intake manifold and throttle body if you so choose. Cutting your costs helping with emissions compliance and eliminating the need to purchase additional parts. Rather than robbing horsepower from the crankshaft, turbos literally utilize the wasted energy leaving your tailpipe to drive the compressor. And it’s common to see a 1 to 3 mpg increase over stock numbers while also lowering exhaust emissions.

You’ll dig the unique performance sound. With the turbo acting as a muffler it creates a distinctive sound that will definitely turn some heads!

STS remote mounted turbo kits include a performance matched turbocharger with high flow reusable air filter, a wastegate, any necessary turbo mounting flanges, and our patented oil return system. You’ll also get a complete wiring harness, oil lines, mounting hardware and wiring accessories along with an installation manual to walk you step by step through the entire project, including system design, fabrication, installation, and tuning.

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