Team OTSFF/MOTUL Off-Road Clinches Top-5 in Points Chase!

Author: Skylar Drake | 10/21/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Team OTSFF/MOTUL entered the Best in Desert Racing Association's season finale in Laughlin, Nevada fifth in points. Along with over 200 other teams, driver Andre Laurin and co-pilot Kerry King set to defeat the brutal 128 mile event (split over two races) and clinch their top-five points position. What took place was one of the toughest challenges for both vehicle and team and made their fourth place points finish so much more enjoyable.

Qualifying runs started off rocky as a water pump failure caused a severe overheating issue, rather than risking an engine loss the team agreed to park the truck and repair it for the main races. This meant that Laurin and King would be behind 30 other trucks and passing on the dusty course proved to be extremely difficult. Upon teardown, crew chief Adam Fitza found a water bypass plug inside of the pump had wiggled loose restricting water flow through the engine.
Saturday's 64-mile journey was free of conflict and they were able to weave in and out of traffic picking up 15 positions by the end of the race. The course proved to be rougher than expected and a stiffer suspension setup would be required ahead of Sunday's race. But what happened on Sunday could not have been prepared for.

Just a few miles into the second race, a rock was kicked up into the truck smashing a front brake caliper resulting in a complete brake system failure. The team had two options, pit and repair the brake line and most certainly lose their top five points position, or use years of experience and continue to drive the truck and nurse it home. Choosing the latter, Laurin began engine braking and downshifting to slow the 4500 lb truck. The B&M TH400 transmission gave no signs of stress as it repeatedly halted the 37" tires for the next 63 miles. Amazingly enough, Laurin and King finished with a total time three minutes faster than Saturday's race! This perseverance allowed Team OTSFF/MOTUL to finish in 18th place and overtake the team ahead in points.

Congratulations to Laurin, King and the entire OTSFF Off-Road Team on their fourth place points finish!

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