Tech Guide: Using Holley's Black Book!

Author: Skylar Drake | 11/22/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

While I’m a fan of technology and its benefits, it can be frustrating when your tablet isn’t charged, your internet connection is on the fritz, or the PDF you’re viewing can’t be easily searched. This means that in my line of work I still read a lot of textbooks and service manuals to stay current and learn new material. I find myself building an arsenal (library) of hot rod information that can be navigated in short time to find the answer I need. So, I felt it would be best to start a little segment called “From the Archives” in which I recommend a tool or textbook that everyone should have in their man cave or garage.

Today’s subject, the Holley Illustrated Parts Manual (also known as the “Black Book” for obvious reasons) lists factory specifications on a slew of carburetors (mid 50’s - 80’s) as well as having a collection of exploded view diagrams that come in handy on the odd-end rebuild. I’ll walk through an example of finding a factory spec on an older Mopar carb and I can bet that you’ll be finding this old behemoth as useful as I do when we’re finished. Let’s get started!

Finished! We can check our work by looking at Holley’s “Master List” (found HERE on their website). This document contains an abbreviated list of carb numbers and calibrations.

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