The C10 Nationals Storm Into Nashville Superspeedway

Author: Shawn Brereton | 10/12/2021 < Back to Motor Life Home

With the launch of Holley Classic Trucks, and a huge dive into the vintage and late-model truck restoration world, there was no better place for us to be than the 2021 C10 Nationals. One of the longest running and most-coveted truck models ever created, C10s hold a special place in many hearts, including our own.

2021 C10 Nats 1

Most participants lined up to take advantage of the special treat of driving their ride on the high banks of Nashville Super Speedway! (Special thanks to the guy who let us climb up in the bed of his truck for this shot!)

Held on October 1-2, 2021, at Nashville Superspeedway (NSS), the event focuses on those particular models; however, it caters to any GM truck from 1947 and newer. One would think an event dedicated to just one make (let alone model) of a vehicle would get kind of boring. It may seem like a risky maneuver for event organizers, but as the Tri-Five Nationals proved, these shows are often the most strongly supported events. Weather forecasts and competing shows don’t seem to dissuade attendees — they show up regardless — because this show is for THEM.

Such was the case for the first C10 Nationals hosted at NSS. There was plenty to see and do with a well-represented vendor midway, swap meet, and car corral, which still left ample parking for the truck show. If you are the kind who want to test your truck instead of sitting still, the C10 Nats offers a dyno challenge, autocross, and burnout competition. The mobile dyno was free to any participant who wanted to check out what their truck could do. From the sound of it, they were busy both days. Friday evening’s track cruise was a special treat where participants could drive around on the banks of the NASCAR track!

Over at the autocross, some well-known race trucks were taking part from companies like Level 7, PCH Rods, and No Limit. Starting in Turn 1 of the NASCAR track, the course ran along the apron to Turn 2 before entering the road course and weaving its way to the finishing line as they entered the backstretch. All participants were welcome to try their hand, and quite a few took advantage. Spectators were also able to take a ride-along with any of the trucks that had two seats. Brian Finch and Pro-Truck Touring Shootout promoter Arnie Gonzales were seen throwing it sideways a few times for the crowd.

Meanwhile, the truck show took up nearly half of the infield. As long as you’re a GM pickup fan, you could find anything you liked; every Chevy and GMC truck imaginable was in attendance — even a GMC pickup with a rare “twin-six” 702ci V12 engine — something you don’t see every day. Judges certainly had their work cut out for them trying to whittle the contestants down to receive awards, which were unique pieces of art designed and fabricated by Tom Patsis of Cold Hard Art!

If you still think an event based on one make or model would be boring, go to next year’s C10 Nationals on the weekend of September 30 and see how quickly your mind changes. With four different generations over 60 years of production and a million different ways to customize them, you’ll be glad you did! For a first-year show, the 2021 edition was a well-organized, vendor-supported event, where everyone seemed to have a good time despite rain moving in at the end.

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