The Supercharger Project Part II: Getting the Right Fuel Mixture

By: Sean B. | 10/03/2011 < Back to Motor Life Home
Competition Grade Pump You'll need some fat feed lines to go from the fuel cell to the filter, we recommend 2 10an size lines. Run a big 12an line from the filter to a Mallory #5250 Comp Pump. This high performance pump has a flow rate of over 200 gph when set at 7 psi. Plug the bypass outlet on the pump. Controlling Your Flow Next, run a 10an feed line from your pump to your fuel pressure regulator. We recommend a Mallory #4300M 5-port competition fuel pressure regulator. With as few bends and fittings as possible, route a 12an return line to dump at the top of the fuel cell. We want to stress that the size of the return line is a vital component of this system. From the remaining ports on the regulator, run 8an line to the carburetor bowls. Keep in mind that the vent on your fuel cell has to be at least the same size as the feed line. Use quality silicone to lube and seal every fitting by applying the silicone and then wiping with a damp rag. Make sure to let them dry before you put fuel through the system. Now you've got yourself a high powered fuel system to get the full benefit from your supercharger. In part 3 we're going to help you out with your ignition box.
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