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Author: Hilborn | 01/01/2008 < Back to Motor Life Home

Stuart Hilborn’s Class B Streamliner ranked #23 in Hot Rod Magazine’s “Top 100 Most Influential Hot Rods Of All Time” (January 2008).

Bill McGuire explains, “Stu Hilborn’s Class B streamliner was influential on two counts. It was the first hot rod in history to exceed 150 mph on the dry lakes. And more importantly, it put Hilborn Fuel Injectors on the map. A protege of Eddie Miller, Hilborn originally purchased the car from Bill Warth for $75 minus drivetrain. While serving in the military, Hilborn developed his fuel-injection ideas, in in July 1948 the rebuilt streamliner went 150.50 mph at El Mirage with Howie Wilson driving. Customer orders flooded in, and Hilborn was in business.”

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